Effective Strategies to Manage Your Medications


As one of the leading providers of senior companion care in SC, we understand that some seniors may find it difficult to remember what medications to take at what time and at what dose. That is why we want to share our expert tips to help you manage your medications at home:

  • Hire a professional to take care of you.

    Consider home care or homemaker services to help you with medication reminders.

  • Store your medications properly.

    Storing your medications in a safe place will not only protect your meds from external elements, but you will be able to easily access them when you need to take them.

  • Make a list of your medications.

    It is critical to keep track of all the prescriptions you are taking in order to avoid hazardous drug interactions and unnecessary duplication.

  • Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

    Check that you are taking your medications according to your doctor’s directions. Following your doctor’s instructions will not only expedite your recuperation but will also help keep you safe from a variety of medical complications.

  • Double-check information with your doctor or pharmacist. If you have concerns about your medications, do not hesitate to visit and talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They will be able to assist you with all your concerns regarding your meds.

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